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I spent so much time in the past trying to show you only to have you do it half-arsed and barely get a passing grade. Seamus never made fun of me for preferring the library to a game of exploding snap. ” “Because if the British Ministry of Magic knew it was her who… But even now you stand there, Hermione, thinking that you barely know him. It stands to reason, though we never considered it, that his soulmate would be his peer in magic.

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There are many popular dating websites, including plenty that cater to niche interests; the following sites are the top 10, according to Ask Online, and are listed in no particular order.

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And if you're thinking you're all high and mighty because you're not single and don't need this, well, goody goody gumdrops for you, but be a saint and share this shit with your single friends. Ten things to do when you’re creating an online dating profile: 1. Yeah, I know they say you’re supposed to be completely honest and crap but that’s bullshit. If I were completely truthful, I would have written: “I like cats, TLC marathons, The Bachelorette, eating Hershey’s syrup straight out of the bottle, putting on my fat pants the second I get home, and meat, sports and beer.” 2.